I Love Unicorns 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Secret Message Puzzle

Style Code/SKU: CCPPL088
Origin: India
Unit Price: USD 7.14
Ship Pack Price: USD 33.00
One Ship Pack Contains: 4 Pcs

Shipping Model :

usa.png USA Local (Sep 28, 2023)
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material(s): Paper, Board
  • Dimension (Inches): 10.50 x 8.50 x 1.80
  • Finish: Natural


Gift your kid the right level of challenge and fun with this 100 pc magical unicorn puzzle. With the finished puzzle size of 19 x 14 Inches, this is a fun and engaging unique activity. A 2-in-1 game; with part one of fun of putting the puzzle together, and part two of fun begins after the last piece is locked in place. Use the Unicorn Decoder Mask to read 10 hidden messages and affirmations. Give the perfect gift to your kid to build confidence and self-esteem.

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Disclaimer: Due to the differences in displays of computers/laptops/phones, details mentioned in the product description such as color, handwork details, size, may vary slightly from the actual product. Also, there might be some slight variations in the weight of the product.

Key Features:
  • Flawless fit
  • Premium quality.
  • 2 mm thickness with soy based inks.
  • Every individual piece has a completely unique shape and fits precisely with zero gaps.
  • No edge warping.
  • Reusable and durable.
  • Develops hand-eye coordination, visual observation, fine motor skills, problem solving, concentration and creativity.

Maintenance & Care :
  • Wipe off the pieces with a dry cloth.
  • Keep away from moisture.
  • Store in clean, airy place, away from humidity.
  • Clean the toys every one or two weeks.
  • Avoid leaving them under direct sunlight for long periods.



Product Weight:

0.96 Lbs

Assembly Required:


Ship Pack Dimension (L x W x H) :

10.83 x 8.07 x 9.06 Inches

Ship Pack Weight :

4.22 Lbs

Item Included in Ship Pack:

This pack contains 4 pieces of the product.